Wednesday, September 1, 2010

North County Times Launches Sunday Select

The North County Times has recently announced a plan to launch a Sunday Select program.  These programs are designed to be an 'opt-in' TMC product in conjunction with the Sunday paid distribution.  The launch date is Sunday October 3rd.

In a news release issued today, CIPS was happy to announce they will be deliverying the North County Times Sunday Select.
LOS ANGELES, California – September 1, 2010 – CIPS Marketing has signed with the North County Times to distribute its newly launched weekly “Sunday Select” advertising program.

Mark Henschen, Circulation Director at the North County Times, said “The North County Times eagerly sought out CIPS to take on our ‘Sunday Select’ delivery ... this is in no small part due to the solid performance of CIPS with the delivery of our Friday ‘NCT WEEKLY’ product. CIPS is high quality with low costs ... a winner in these difficult economic times!”

Pete Friedrich, Operations Vice President at CIPS, said “We are honored to be selected by the North County Times for this important launch. Be it a traditional TMC distribution or a more targeted subscriber-based program like ‘Sunday Select’, CIPS simply builds the best operations in the industry. That’s just the fact”.

Drawing on more than 25 years of quality TMC distribution, CIPS is the most reliable and cost-effective distribution partner in the newspaper industry, now distributing to nearly 6 million packages per week - unprecedented in the industry. CIPS has developed the most comprehensive Quality Control systems and has designed the needed delivery and verification tools to comply with all delivery specifications, including the strictest Do Not Deliver and Paper Pile-Up standards in the industry. CIPS employs the most qualified operational leadership and expertise, and enjoys the industry’s only perfect track record of successful TMC conversions.

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