Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Galesburg's The Paper Changes Name & Enhances Product

Galesburg's The Paper, a Gatehouse Media publication, changed its name to the Knox County Neighbors in Mid August, 2010. According to Mark Ebner, Director of Advertising, Marketing and Promotions, the following changes also occurred with the KCN:

The flavor of the publication is still 100% local content of local interest. Traditionally, The Paper newsroom content was created allowing for a similar amount of "editorial news latitude" as our paid daily, The Register-Mail is newsroom edited now. We have instituted some exciting changes that enhance KCN editorial content and depth of readership.

Answering both advertiser and reader feed back, KCN now offers in every issue, re-occurring local community profiles and great photography. At the top of each page, we have bannered each page with titles for specific newsroom content on, "Know Your Neighbors" (front page profile), a reader submitted photos page, "What's Happening" (calender of local events and weekly featured event), "Voices" (local submitted content), "Schools", "Good Works", "Military and Veterans", "Seniors", "Youth Sports", of course about 3.5 pages of classifieds. and additional paid ad/editorial space as needed.

With only a couple of weekly issues out, we definitely hit a home run with our advertisers and readers! Realistically, The Paper customarily ran 12-16 pages as a rule, based on approximately a 50/50 ad to content ratio. KCN is running twice the size (24-28) pages, at the same ad to content ratio formula. Weekly preprints from our national, regional and local clients are strong, KCN is are grateful to have an excellent preprint base.

Distribution foot print is the exact same as The Paper was, approximately 21500 printed and delivered to every city and rural household in Knox County, select rack and business locations at many city and rural locations.

Distribution methods: KCN is uniquely distributed on Wednesdays of every week. With Register-Mail carriers and motor routes already delivering to R-M to subscribers, approximately 9000 copies of The Paper and now also 9000 copies of KCN are inserted into the R-M for carrier/motor delivery on Wednesday to R-M subscribers, city and rural. The remaining 13500 copies of KCN are distributed to (Register-Mail/KCN) carriers who deliver in the City of Galesburg and to 14 "out of Galesburg" incorporated villages and racks. KCN is simultaneously mailed to rural addresses. With printing every Monday morning, all copies of KCN arrive to our readership on Wednesday each week.

Preprints: With our efficient distribution, KCN "zoning options" revolve around The Register-Mails' carrier and motor route zone options. At present, those Register-Mail carrier/motor routes are in revision with finalization and publication of those options scheduled for mid September. Rest assured that at present and thereon, all preprints from every advertiser are being delivered to your clients, as specified in all insertion orders.

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